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If you don’t want to take medication or if you’ve struggled to find a psychopharmacological treatment for your mental health condition, you may benefit from transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). At TMS/ADHD and Wellness Clinic of Queens, in Queens Village, New York, Gad Makar, MD, and his team provide FDA-cleared TMS treatments using NeuroStar® technology to help people recover from a wide range of mental health concerns. Call the practice or schedule a consultation online today to learn how TMS can help you get your life back.


What is TMS?

TMS is a noninvasive, FDA-cleared procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the nerve cells in your brain to reduce your symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. It’s often used when antidepressant medications haven’t been effective or have caused intolerable side effects.

At TMS/ADHD and Wellness Clinic of Queens, Dr. Makar and the team use the NeuroStar TMS equipment to offer an alternative for their patients. The practice operates on a holistic philosophy and aims to provide each patient with the therapies that will best improve their overall well-being, including mind, body, and spirit.

How does TMS work?

TMS delivers a painless magnetic pulse to your brain. The pulse stimulates the nerve cells in the region of your brain that control your moods.

These nerve cells are typically underactive when you have depression or other mood disorders.

Who is a good candidate for TMS?

If you have depression or another mood disorder such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, TMS is an alternative to psychopharmacological treatments with antidepressants.TMS/ADHD and Wellness Clinic of Queens provides TMS to a wide variety of patients including college students, professionals, and women who are pregnant or suffering from postpartum depression.

If depression has interfered with your life and you’re not satisfied with the effects of medication, or if it has caused unwanted and troublesome side effects, Dr. Makar or another member of the team at TMS/ADHD and Wellness Clinic of Queens may recommend TMS sessions.

What should I expect during TMS treatment?

You receive TMS treatments five days a week for 4-6 weeks. During each appointment, you relax in a comfortable treatment chair. Your provider positions a small, curved magnetic coil lightly against your head.

Each in-office treatment takes 20-40 minutes. You may hear a clicking sound or feel a mild tapping sensation during this painless, noninvasive procedure.

When your session is over, you can return to your regular activities immediately. You can even drive yourself to and from your appointments as there is no need for sedation, and TMS doesn’t have any effect on alertness or memory.

If you’re ready to recover from depression and want to work with mental health professionals who are eager to help you improve your overall wellness, call TMS/ADHD and Wellness Clinic of Queens today or schedule an appointment online.